Couldn’t you talk with your accountant in english?

Trust is the basis of the well contribution with the accountant. It may be formed only if nothing makes obstacle in the way of communication e.g the communication with the accountant only in Hungarian. We are working with lot of foreign enterprises thereby we know from experience, that the recovery of an accountant, who is able to talk in English in the course of accounting and consultations, means initial difficulties.

You can save time, if the accountant can speak in English.

First of all because, you don’t need an interpreter or a translator, when you consult, think or plan with your accountant or you ask for his opinion. Every customer gets a dedicated contact. The customer can look up the contact at any time, if he would have questions. In the case of foreign customer the contact is able to talk in English and he knows the terminology that’s why problem solving is getting in a higher level.

We make an English extract from the customer ledger for the foreign customers, so they can interpret it immediately and the owners, controllers, accounting officers, financial managers, auditors get a clear view about the whole accounting.

We make the same procedure in other areas: we make analytical registrations, different announcements and statements, wage registers and other documents in english. We make also tables in english, in which the customer can understand about the change of legislation and the payable duties.

The business consultation and the report happen in english language (according to the agreement quarterly or monthly). You will get statements, individual report from us and we monitor your company’s index regularly.

What does it mean in practice?

We make those controlling system available, what we built by 20 years of work. This refers to report system too: thank you for our account system, it makes available that we could send reports with full documentation.

Accounting according to the national and international legislation

If it’s necessary we account at the same time according to the national and the international legislation (IFRS Standards) and make the statements. You will always get the proper detailed reports, which made by the proper use of the national and international legislation. We know the international regulations, situations, habits. If it’s necessary the special topics, which are relevant under the national legislation, should be noted.

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